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Autumn Edition 2021



Role: Principal Analyst & company beer-guru

(In)famous for: Judging in beer competitions, cycling through central London traffic, talking too fast after drinking strong coffee, a long-standing fascination with data storage technologies.


Biggest personal challenges:  Getting the kids up and moving so we’re at school on time, and stopping the puppy from eating the hamster!

Biggest challenges at work: I’m not the strongest at data analysis, especially when it involves multiple Excel spreadsheets. But fortunately we’re a team, and there’s others who can help with that – then I can get on with the interpretation, which I am comfy with.   

Most rewarding part of the job: The opportunity to really dig into a subject properly, whether it’s a new technology, a new application area or whatever. Many writers these days find themselves having to flit between subjects way too rapidly, so for me as an analyst, the ability to get into something in depth and then to write about it at length can be very rewarding. 


Best advice for new analysts:  Don’t be afraid to have an opinion, but be prepared to debate and validate it.

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