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Autumn Edition 2021


From our discussions with CIOs and business executives, there’s a matter-of-fact consensus that hybrid working is the future. The conversation has now moved on to discussion of what this translates to in practice, including the decisions that must be considered and the investments that need to be made. 


While the ongoing shifts in culture and working patterns will take a while to reach steady-state, those more advanced in their thinking agree that some things don’t need to wait. As an example, most are already thinking of how to design and build a systems and facilities infrastructure that can flex as things continue to evolve. A great opportunity for the right suppliers.


One of the other interesting market developments we have seen is a growing recognition of the link between employee experience (EX) and customer experience (CX). It’s something we discussed in a recent piece we published originally on Computer Weekly (see link below in recent content). The challenge, though, is that this is shaking things up from a budget, stakeholder and decision-making perspective. We’ll continue to watch how things evolve in this area, so look out for more analysis on our website in the coming months.

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